Document digitisation service.

Many organisations generate considerable volumes of paperwork as they go about their day-to-day business. Over time, this can create significant document management issues.

At Scantronics, we can carry out the document digitisation of all your paperwork. However, when we apply our document management system to digitise your documentation, we are not merely ensuring it can be stored more efficiently. We are upgrading it.

As part of our scanning process, we use Optical Character Recognition, a piece of software that enables you to search the resultant PDF version of your documents.

The savings in terms of time are incalculable. No longer do you have to leave your desk and spend hours searching through a cellar or cupboard to find the right box – then rifle through it to find the exact piece of paper you are looking for.

Now you can find the document online quickly and easily. And when you have done so, you can search through it to find the information you need.

This is particularly helpful when, for instance, you have a contract several hundred pages long from 25 years ago that contains a single clause that you urgently need to check.

We also have the capability to convert that PDF into a Word document, so that you can edit and overwrite stored paperwork if you need to.

Document management system


The other significant issue around document management as your paperwork builds up is around space.

We have all spent time in offices where every spare bit of room – under desks, in cupboards, in the cellar – was taken up by boxes full of paperwork that could not be thrown away.

Surely there must be a method of storing all that vital, sensitive and commercial information in a more efficient and contemporary way?

Indeed there is, through the process of document digitisation. No longer do you have to keep a hard copy of every original document from present and past projects.

Gone are the days when you have to root through box after box of old paper to find the document you are looking for. Instead, all the information is stored digitally and accessed quickly and easily.

Document digitisation in London


When you require document digitisation or document management services in London, we are on hand to help.

From our studio base in Twickenham, we can easily reach the tens of thousands of businesses across the capital that generate and store significant volumes of important commercial paperwork.

We work with numerous organisations across a broad range of sectors, all of them united by the need to manage their documentation.

These include:

  • Professional services firms such as legal and accountancy practices
  • Property and facilities management businesses
  • Healthcare organisations that must store huge amounts of highly sensitive information
  • Education providers and government departments with strict compliance obligations

In all instances, the organisation’s information is kept securely at our premises while the process of document digitisation is under way.

Once that process is complete, and only when you are happy with the digitised version of your information, we dispose of the original paperwork by shredding it thoroughly and efficiently.

As soon as you instruct us to shred all your paper documents, this is carried out by a certified shredding partner. You receive a Certificate of Shredding once it is completed.


Our focus is on businesses based in London and within the M25, but we will carry out document management services for organisations further afield with significant volumes of paperwork that require our attention.

Digitising paper documents


We’re fond of saying at Scantronics that no job is too big or too small. We work with companies who have shipping containers full of paperwork that needs to be digitised, while we’ll also help out small firms who have a few ring-binders that require our services.

What matters is the difference our service makes when we digitise your paper documents.

You’ll save space in your office and you’ll save time when you want to refer to a piece of information stored in your new digital files. You’ll even save on your shoe leather now that you no longer have to traipse down to the office basement or from cupboard to cupboard looking for that one elusive folder.

Digitisation of your paperwork as part of your document management system makes sound business sense for so many reasons and will make your processes and operations more effective and efficient.

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When you realise that it’s time to save space at your place of business by speaking to a document scanning company, we would love to hear from you.

Scantronics has extensive experience in scanning documentation, delivering it to you in digital form and disposing of your waste paper.

You get the peace of mind of knowing your paperwork is in safe hands and is being processed securely and efficiently.

Fill in our simple form today and we’ll provide you with an estimate.


Where are my documents taken to?

To our scanning HQ in Hampton Hill, London.

    Who takes my documents?

    A Scantronics team member undertakes the majority of collections. For larger volume or remotely located projects, we engage a trusted provider pre-approved by the customer.

      How are documents destroyed?

      By our partners at Ecogen Recycling, who are data-protected, licensed brokers of controlled waste. They shred all confidential material within 24 hours, recycling it into new materials such as newspapers and copier paper. When they’ve finished, we’ll provide you with a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) of confidential destruction.

        How long does document scanning take?

        That depends on the size of the job! But efficiency is one of our core values, so we’ll be ready to get cracking whenever you are.

        Do you provide boxes?

        If you can’t borrow or recycle, we’re happy to organise these on your behalf.

        Do you provide collection services?

        Collection for all jobs within M25 and larger jobs outside are free, with competitive quotes for elsewhere.

        Will my scanned documents be legally admissible?

        Scantronics processes are fully BIP008, BIP0009, PD0010 and Dublin metadata set compliant, reflecting that we keep 100% control of every stage each document passes through in the scanning process. Where sensitive or high profile subject matter is involved, it’s also important to preserve the quality of the original document and to manage access appropriately. If you have any specific requirements with regard to admissibility, we’ll ensure due diligence prior to the project.

        How secure are Scantronics’ processes?

        We have a spotless 15 year old security record. Check out how we protect your data in more detail here.

        Can you convert paper documents into MS Word or Excel?

        Yes, we convert documents into searchable PDFs as standard. In turn, these documents can be converted in Word.

        How do I find my scanned files and folders?

        We index and organise the data according to your requirement (e.g. by client name, date, invoice number), usually working with our customers at the planning stage to produce the most efficient results.

        Do you scan nationwide?

        We are a London-based company offering London scanning services, with free collection within the M25 . However, in addition to document scanning London, we charge competitive rates to travel to all accessible parts of the U.K. to work on projects large or small.

        What size of pages can be scanned?

        Anything up to A0.

        How are the digital documents delivered?

        They can be delivered as a physical disc or USB or saved directly to a digital location of your choice. (e.g. Dropbox)


        Can you OCR documents?

        Yes, all documents are run through optimal character recognition as standard.


        Services we offer

        Even in this digital age, businesses accumulate paperwork. Whether that is in the form of letters, spreadsheets, diagrams, contracts, project details or more, over the months and years your paper simply piles up.

        Most organisations generate considerable volumes of paperwork as they go about their day-to-day business. Over time, this can create significant document management issues.

        More and more people are eager to enhance the process of preservation by having their favourite photos scanned so that they can store them away safely in digital format.

        One of the great benefits of the digital age is that it is possible to convert written materials into online reading matter simply by using a book scanning service like ours.

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