Scanning’s our speciality, but it comes in a variety of shapes. From lever arch files to rare library books; invoices to large format plans; court documents to large photographic collections, we’re skilled at digitising them all, either as a one-off task or an on-going requirement.

Paper & Documents

Archive boxes, or bulk document scanning of any size right up to A0, are a popular scanning service request. If you need boxing and labelling, we can provide these, as well as a friendly team member to help with the task.

We collect your docs directly from you or bring our equipment to get busy on site. We scan quickly, efficiently and securely, then safely destroy or return your box contents. All images are OCR’d as standard and are available in your choice of format.

Our easy-access online search tool, based on your indexing, is guaranteed to replace time-gobbling document searching. Or if you need your documents integrated into existing document management systems, we’re happy to sort that, too.

Books & Magazines

Our innovative scanning technology is ready to translate your books, magazines, journals and periodicals into a number of formats, including book text to Word. We digitise them using flatbed or roller scanners, depending on whether they need to be de-spined.

Where the quality of the original document is compromised, we use the latest software to correct the optical layout and can provide a manual format cleaning service.

For book scanning services of all shapes and sizes, make Scantronics your book scanning company of choice.

Photographs & Archives

Photographs, letters and family artwork gather dust in attics and study drawers. Scantronics is here to help you preserve those memories, most cost effectively for larger collections and archives.

We’re practiced at handling all originals with light hands and big respect, selecting the least invasive scanning process for each piece.

Scanned keepsakes free up space, safeguard against damage, and can live and breathe in the hands of family and friends. And for scrapbook or collage projects, we invite our creative contacts to put something special together.

Large Format & Complex Requirements

From architect drawings and engineering plans to marketing posters and 2D artworks, we welcome all large formats up to A0. Or perhaps your source materials are extra small, antique, incomplete or high-resolution (1200+DPI).

We’ve been scanning complex requirements of all sorts successfully for over 15 years. The high quality digital image output from our flatbed scanners frees space and can be easily accessed and shared.

Get in touch to give us the low-down on your project and to learn more about why we are the right document scanning company for you.

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