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Some say that good form design is more of an art than a science but the reality is good form design is a matter of understanding the requirements of the client.

Form Design


By outsourcing your information capture and processing requirements to Scantronics you can reduce and control your operating costs and free up your resources.

Translation Services

Scantronics has extensive experience in form design in English and in languages other than English.

Past  Projects have included Chinese, Japanese, Thai and manyt other European languages,

Large Format Document Scanning

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Happy Clients

BBC is one of Scantronics client.  We offered a quality scanning across the organisation.
We scan documents securely on behalf of Surrey Police
NHS England trusted Scantronics to securely scan documents on behalf of their NHS trusts.

More on Drawings

Over 5,000 A0 size drawings can be archived on a standard CD or over 30,000 A0 drawings can be archived on a standard DVD.

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Scannings, Drawings and Plans

Our drawing and plan scanners are high throughput and we can scan many hundreds of images per day. All machines have both top and bottom illumination, which delivers excellent image quality from the originally scanned document in black and white or colour.

All scanned images are cleaned up using special software tools after the initial scanning process.

This involves running raw scanned drawings and plans through the de-speckling, cropping and de-skewing processes to obtain the best results from the original.

Each scanned drawing or plan is then individually inspected prior to its final release to our client

After the scanning process is complete, for a fast and efficient search, we can index your drawings, map, plans exactly by your requirements or as an example to some of the following categories;

Scantronics can provide specific high or low volume plan and drawing scanning services with high quality results for pence per plan.

Scanning Large Format in Colour and Black and White
Scantronics can scan your plans, maps, drawing in black and white and colour at medium to high resolutions, image output can be TIF, PDF or other recognised formats at your behest

Engineering Drawings/Plans

Building Construction

Railway Drawings

Council Plans

Electrical Circuit

Product Designs

Whether your requirement is to scan drawings or plans of:

More Services

Many organisations in building construction, architecture, manufacturing, railway and government agencies use drawings and plans in their day-to-day business with sizes up to A0 in black and white and colour.

Organisations can build up a large archive of large format drawings and plans which are difficult to store and access or share and manage.

Scanning these drawings into an electronic format such as PDF or TIFF provides an efficient electronic archiving and retrieval solution.

By having large format documents scanned and electronically archived, companies can minimise time spent searching for specific plans and drawings this will increase their productivity, save valuable space and also safeguard these drawings against any loss or damage.

Once scanned and stored on an inhouse server, the archive of scanned drawings provides instant and sharable access to everyone who needs to print, e-mail or simply view the drawings and plans while in or away from the office.

Scantronics drawing scanning and plan scanning service specialises in any volume’s of documents. We can help you to achieve the solution you require from one-off scanning and archiving of a batch of drawings to continual, drawing and plan scanning services.

Scantronics scans plans, map and large drawings.