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Some say that good form design is more of an art than a science but the reality is good form design is a matter of understanding the requirements of the client.

Form Design


By outsourcing your information capture and processing requirements to Scantronics you can reduce and control your operating costs and free up your resources.

Translation Services

Scantronics has extensive experience in form design in English and in languages other than English.

Past  Projects have included Chinese, Japanese, Thai and manyt other European languages,

Scanning Files and Folders

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Happy Clients

BBC is one of Scantronics client.  We offered a quality scanning across the organisation.
We scan documents securely on behalf of Surrey Police
NHS England trusted Scantronics to securely scan documents on behalf of their NHS trusts.

SLA's and Guarantees

Scantronics will give guarantees and SLA’s for your requirements something many of our rival firms will not produce such is our confidence in our service.

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Large Scale Projects

Scantronics have scanned large scale projects for engineering companies and financial institutions and many other and can match or exceed your project timescale’s.

Our company can scan mixed files where the paper sizes can be A4, A3 or even upto A0 large format, we will index these files at the folder level or even down to individual document level with simple or complex file names.

Scantronics can OCR your documents to make them full text searchable or can extract data to other applications such as Word or Excel

We can produce output from 200DPI (suitable for most onscreen applications) up to higher resolutions for printing or other requirements.

Ask us and we can apply redaction to (remove unwanted marks etc) your documents and can clean stains and unwanted items from them if required to do so.

Our prices are guaranteed to be competitive and Scantronics provides a quality service to an agreed service level in the timescale’s that you want.

Scantronics provide images in any format and offers tools to allow you to search images and indexes .

In these times where office space is at a premium and being able to downsize the office or make more efficient use of the space available is a bonus, paper files can take up valuable office space which could be used more effectively.

Once scanned your paper documents can be found very quickly and collaborated on easily. It is a known statistic that over 30% of any employees time is spent looking for paper files.

Currently legal requirements are reasonably straight forward so yes you can shred the original documents with some confidence that you have copies that comply with current legislation.

Document Scanning Information

More Services

Scantronics specialise in the scanning of lever arch files, folders, ring binders and archive boxes by the truck load or just a handful we take them all and turn them into useful electronic documents in the PDF format or TIFF or a format to your exact requirements with simple or complex indexing.

We will scan your files and folders in the order they are structured with naming to your requirements or can index by embedding bookmarks within the output PDF

We can also scan by section, back to front or on fact in any order you require, single sided or double sided, black and white or colour.

Scanning Lever Arch Files and other Folders